Russia deploys latest generation su-57 fighter jets in military operations in Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets are engaged in special military operations in Ukraine. A fighter jet with low radar visibility carried out a missile strike without entering the Ukrainian military defense zone.

Russia deploys latest generation su-57 fighter jets in military operations in Ukraine

The use of Su-57 fighter jets in Ukraine began "two or three weeks after the start of special operations." At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation did not officially comment on the information.

The source also said the Russian stealth fighter jet is better than its rival type of fighter jet in terms of the ability to attack targets.

The Su-57 fighter jet is capable of hitting all kinds of ground, surface and air targets. The SU-57 fighter jet is capable of carrying eight air-to-air missiles in a unique tandem bay, plus two special short-range missiles under the wing.

The K-77 missile carried by the SU-57 fighter jet has a range of about 200 kilometers and is equipped with an active radar tracking system. In addition, the Su-57 is capable of carrying Drel-guided bombs, as well as Kh-38 cruise missiles.

In 2018, russia's fifth-generation fighter jet carried out more than ten surprise strikes against terrorist targets in Syria, allowing it to test the latest types of missiles and bomb weapons.

Previously reported, the SU-57 fighter jet was recorded by the local community, in Ukraine and launched an attack on the target.


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