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Russia to use latest model of laser weapon to set fire to Ukrainian drone

Hsmilitarycom: Russia is using the latest generation of laser weapons in Ukraine to destroy drones delivered by western and NATO allies. Allegedly, the west and its nanto allies supply the most weapons to Ukraine. 

Russia to use latest model of laser weapon to set fire to Ukrainian drone

In 2018, President Vladimir Putin unveiled a series of new weapons including intercontinental ballistic missiles, drones, underwater nukes, supersonic weapons, and the latest laser weapons.

However, it is not known in detail about the specifications of the laser weapon. Putin mentioned one of them as Peresvet, the name of a medieval Orthodox warrior monk Alexander Peresvet who died in mortal combat.

Yury Borisov, the deputy prime minister in charge of military development, told a conference in Moscow that Peresvet was already in widespread use and could blind satellites up to 1,500 km above Earth.

However, he said that there are already Russian systems more powerful than Peresvet that can destroy drones and other military equipment. Borisov was able to burn the drone for 5 km in five seconds.

"If Peresvet blinds, then a new generation of laser weapons leads to the physical destruction of the target - thermal destruction, they burn," Borisov told Russian state television on Wednesday.

Asked if such weapons were used in Ukraine, Borisov said: "Yes. The first prototype is already in use there." He said the weapon was called "Zadira".

Zadira's weapons development is considered highly classified, but in 2017 Russian media said Russian nuclear company Rosatom helped develop it as part of a program to create new weapons-based physical principles, known by the Russian acronym ONFP.

The US and NATO have ruled out sending troops to Ukraine but Washington and its allies have supplied billions of dollars of weapons to Kyiv such as drones, Howitzer heavy artillery, Stinger anti-aircraft and Javelin anti-tank missiles.

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