U.S. to deliver most advanced anti-ship missiles to Ukrainian armed forces

Hsmilitarycom: Russian warships are considered to be the target of the most advanced U.S.-made missiles. In the near future the US will send a number of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine.

U.S. to deliver most advanced anti-ship missiles to Ukrainian armed forces

The anti-ship missiles will help Ukraine retake its ports on the Black Sea that are currently controlled by Russia.

Britain's Ministry of Defence said about 20 Russian Navy ships, including submarines, are currently in the Black Sea operating zone.

Officials also discussed the impact that would have if anti-ship missiles were actually used.

They said the delivery of two models of anti-ship missiles, boeing's Harpoon, and Kongsberg's Naval Strike Missile and Raytheon Technologies, were being considered. 

Alternatively, the missile was delivered by a U.S. ally in Europe that owns two models of the missile. The two missile models cost about $1.5 million for a single shot.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Portugal to provide the Harpoon, a missile that has a range of nearly 300 km.

But there are some obstacles that make Ukraine unable to get it. First, the platform's limitations for launching Harpoons from land because most of those missiles are usually fired from the sea using ships.

Two U.S. officials said they were working on several alternatives, including retrieving launchers from existing warships. 

Bryan Clark, a military expert at the Hudson Institute, said 12 to 24 anti-ship missiles with a range of more than 100 km, including the Harpoon, were enough to strike Russian warships. The weapon could also urge Russia to lift the blockade.


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