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KH-31 missiles destroyed the hideout of mercenaries coming to Ukraine?

Hsmilitarycom: A building's CCTV camera recorded the powerful explosion in the building in front of it, the explosion is estimated to have used KH-31 missiles.

A few moments later, a powerful explosion rumbled, a diffuse shock wave with a diameter of more than one kilometer, and fragments of the shattered object were found at a distance of 400 meters from the center of the explosion.

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From the video we can see how the KH-31 cruise missile destroyed the object. The speed at which the object is destroyed is incredible, raising a number of questions as to what type of weapon it is referring to. Nevertheless, even for a while, the cruise missiles that appeared in the video were enough to identify this ammunition.

Whether it is true or not, the building was destroyed by KH-31 cruise missiles, there has been no official confirmation from any particular party. However, according to some sources said, the shelter was a hideout for Ukrainian mercenaries.

Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries surrendered to the Russian armed forces after Russian armed forces attacked a factory.

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