T-72 tank splits into two pieces after being hit by anti-tank missile

Hsmilitarycom: A video shared on the telegram channel showed a unit of tank " allegedly a T-72 tank " split into two pieces after being hit with an anti-tank missile.

Tank T-72

The condition of the T-72 tank suffered very severe damage, making it very difficult to identify the type of tank. However, experts say it was a T-72 tank, a blow so powerful that it caused the T-72 tank to split into two pieces.

Until this article was published, it was not known which tanks belonged to Ukraine or Russia and the location of the destruction of the T-72 tanks was also not known with certainty.

Experts also said it was unlikely that the T-72 tank would split into two pieces if it had been hit using an American-made Javelin or other type of ATGM.

However, the fact we saw from a video shared showed a Soviet-made T-72 tank destroyed, barely identifiable of its type.

If we compare with the US-made Abrams tank that was hit by a Russian-made ATGM missile, the Abrams tank did not suffer severe enough damage.

Then why the Soviet-made T-72 tank "considered the most formidable tank" suffered very serious damage, although it is not yet certain that the US Javelin missile that caused the T-72 tank to be destroyed.


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