NATO country delivers 12 SU-25 fighter jets to Ukrainian air force, deliveries in secret

Hsmilitarycom: NATO countries have for the first time delivered 12 Sau-25 fighter jets to the Ukrainian air force, a shipment allegedly clandestinely. 

SU-25 Ukraine

As you know, it is about soviet Su-25 attack fighter jets. However, what is quite remarkable, in total, up to 12 fighter jets of this type can be brought to Ukraine.

In addition, the fact that the delivery of fighter jets was carried out by land and is quite important to hide the location of the deployment of the SU-25 fighter jets from Russia.

According to information provided by the Foreign Policy news agency, nato countries whose names were hidden handed over their Su-25 fighter jets to the Ukrainian air force. 

The number of Su-25 jets delivered to Ukraine was not disclosed in detail, but sources reported that some of the SU-25 fighter jets were delivered by Bulgaria, and some were delivered by Slovakia.

To date, this is the first time NATO has delivered a number of its SU-25 fighter jets to the Ukrainian air force. 

In addition, there is a fairly high risk that MiG-29 fighter jets could also be delivered to Ukraine in the future, as negotiations between European countries and the United States have previously been held.


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