SU-34 and SU-25SM fighter jets fire hot smoke lifts over Donetsk

Hsmilitarycom: A video showed SU-34 and SU-25SM fighter jets setting off fire traps over Donetsk air, the video shared on several telegram channels.

Some sources say that, both su-34 and SU-25SM fighter jets of the Russian air force that issued fire traps as a victory over ukraine. 

SU-34 and SU-25SM fighter jets fire hot smoke lifts over Donetsk

Some comments on the telegram channel revealed that because of the existing threat from the use of air defense systems by Ukrainians, Russian bomber fighter jets carried out a massive shelling on heat traps, thus preventing the enemy from doing anything.

The flight of Russian fighter jets is actively in Ukraine and in the airspace of the Republic of Donbass firing heat traps due to the large-scale supply of air defense equipment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which creates a certain risk for Russian pilots.

Indirectly, Russia is warning NATO allies that it will send air defense systems and weapons to its armed forces. 

Poland plans to deliver 100 T-72 tanks to the armed forces, however, the information has not been officially confirmed by the Polish government. 


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