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NATO announces large-scale arms supplies to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Jens Stoltnyberg, nato secretary general, said nato's intention was to deliver large-scale weapons to ukraine's military.

In this regard, Stoltenberg insisted that it would not send NATO's advanced troops and fighter jets to Ukraine, they would only send full weapons to Ukraine.

NATO announces large-scale arms supplies to Ukraine

Stoltenberg predicted that there was a risk of a new large-scale war in Ukraine, in light of the allegations nato decided to start sending additional weapons to Ukraine. 

Nato did not provide details on the delivery of weapons to ukraine, some sources said that NATO plans to deliver weapons to Ukraine over the next two weeks up to 20,000 anti-tank missile systems and grenade launchers, up to 4,000 portable anti-aircraft missiles.

It was previously known that the United Kingdom, Norway, and the United States were considering the possibility of sending anti-ship cruise missiles with a range of about 120-170 kilometers to Ukraine.

This creates a very serious risk to Russian warships and civilian vessels in the waters of the Black Sea. 

Two Mi-8 evacuation helicopters from the Ukrainian Air Force were shot down near Mariupol. This incident while evacuating members of Russia's banned Azov regiment, mercenaries and NATO officers led to the destruction of two Ukrainian military helicopters. The latter was shot down in the suburb of Mariupol during an evacuation flight.

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