Is it true that China is sending J-20 fighter jets to Russia?

Hsmilitarycom: Some sources said that China would send some of the most advanced military equipment to Russia including J-20 stealth fighter jets and Type 003 aircraft carriers.

Daily Express sources rashly published a daunting list of the most modern Chinese weapons models China can supply to Russia as part of military and business cooperation.

Is it true that China is sending J-20 fighter jets to Russia?

However, from the Russian defense ministry there has been no official confirmation regarding the delivery of J-20 stealth fighter jets and Type 003 aircraft carriers to Russia.

However, in comments under the publication of British newspapers, readers wrote various conclusions expressing support for Russia and China, but also full of negative statements, to the exclusion of both countries from civilized numbers.

"The Chinese decided this: since France and Germany supply weapons to Ukraine, then we can also help the Russians a little Russian money will not harm us. Write a comment from a British newspaper."

Some readers have a very harsh and negative attitude towards the PRC.

"You slow down the food supply to China, and they will starve to death in six months. Write a comment."

However, the article has attracted the attention of western governments and the United States.

We're talking about stealth fighter jets. Russia has SU-57 fighter jets and other advanced fighter jets, so it is highly unlikely that Russia expects Chinese J-20 stealth fighter jets to be delivered to Russia.

In this case chia did not interfere with sanctions against Russia due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, however, some comments on the British news portal showed a different view of China.


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