SU-30 fighter jet with supersonic missile destroys warship

Hsmilitarycom: SU-30 fighter jets with supersonic missiles destroyed the naval mine disposal warship, The power of the supersonic missile can make a big hole in the battleship's body.

SU-30 fighter jet with supersonic missile destroys warship

The direct attack of the SU-30 fighter jet so that it penetrated the belly of the ship easily. SU-35 fighter jets and supersonic missiles pose a real threat to warships.

The photos that subsided on the internet show the consequences of direct cruise missile attacks on war zones. Experts noticed the fact that the supersonic missile carried by the SU-30 fighter jet hit right in the middle of the side of the ship, but the warship did not appear to be sinking, but suffered very severe damage.

Reporting from, the destruction of the warship by supersonic missiles as part of the test and the impact of the attack was quite serious.

The Indian Air Force's Su-30MKI fighter jet was commissioned from a distance of several tens of kilometers and successfully destroyed the warship.


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