NATO countries send 70 fighter jets to Ukraine

HSMilitarycom: NATO countries decided to send 70 warplanes and attack aircraft to Ukraine.

NATO countries in Europe decided to send 70 Air Force warplanes to Ukraine from Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

NATO countries send 70 fighter jets to Ukraine

Initially, Poland announced its decision to send combat aircraft to the Ukrainian Air Force, however, it was later learned that Slovakia would send 12 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine, while Bulgaria would deliver 16 MiG-29 fighters and 14 Su-25 attack aircraft.

"70 planes for the Ukrainian army! Our partners handed us the MiG-29 and Su-25! If necessary, they will be able to be deployed at Polish airfields, where Ukrainian pilots will carry out combat missions," said Ukrainian People's Deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko.
NATO countries send 70 fighter jets to Ukraine

According to current information, the aircraft will be handed over to the Ukrainian Air Force in the coming days.

#16 MiG-29 fighter of the Bulgarian Air Force.

#28 Polish Air Force MiG-29 fighters.

#12 MiG-29 fighter of the Slovak Air Force. 

#14 Su-25 attack aircraft of the Bulgarian Air Force.

Update: Poland cancels delivery of 28 MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine

Such actions on the part of NATO countries can have very serious consequences and will certainly lead to retaliatory measures on the part of Russia, since combat flights provided to the Ukrainian Air Force will inevitably pose a threat to special military operations on the Russian side in the donbass region.


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