Former Israeli elite troops fight on the side of the Ukrainian military

HSMilitarycom: Ynet reports that former Israeli military units from elite IDF units fought on the side of Ukrainian forces, including groups recognized as terrorists in Russia. 

As is known, we are talking about a group of "volunteers" who decided to join the Ukrainian troops.

Former Israeli elite troops fight on the side of the Ukrainian military

According to the Israeli edition of Ynet, we are even talking about the former Israeli special forces Golani. 

At the same time, given the lack of criticism from Israel, this clearly raises many questions about meddling in Russian special operations.

“However, some have decided that it is not enough to observe the development of the situation from afar. Meet 40-year-old Grigory "Grisha" Fibobrov, a graduate of the IDF's elite combat unit who now serves as a platoon commander in the Ukrainian army. Grigory Fibobrov, who served in the prestigious Golani infantry brigade, enlisted in one of the fighting units of the Ukrainian army seven years ago. Right now, he was stationed at the forefront, where the troops were preparing for a possible breakthrough. Fibobrov served in the Aidar battalion (an organization whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation - ed.), the assault battalion of the Ukrainian Army ,” Ynet reported, noting that Fibobrov currently has Israeli citizenship.

In addition, it was also reported that ultra-orthodox Jews joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which raises many questions as to why this act is not condemned in Israel.


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