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NATO announces air defense deliveries to Ukraine

HSMilitarycom: Recently, nato's secretary general officially announced the delivery of air defense systems to Ukrainian forces. 

Jens Stoltenberg, nato's general chairman, issued a statement saying that the Alliance had decided to provide new weapons to Kiev. Not only that, NATO also announced the delivery of drones that have been one package with air defense systems for the Ukrainian military.

NATO announces air defense deliveries to Ukraine

The leaders of NATO allies are considered to strongly agree with this decision, to send a number of new weapons to Ukraine. 

Another source also said that NATO will not only send a number of "BUK" anti-aircraft systems in fact, NATO will also send some money to Ukraine.

It is worth remembering a few days ago, the delivery of the Patriot system was completed on the territory of Slovakia. They were replaced by the S-300 compleks, which was promised by Slovak authorities to be delivered to Ukraine immediately.

Recently, the Russian defense ministry published a video of the destruction of ukrainian S-300s with drones. It is estimated that almost all military equipment sent from NATO allies to ukraine including S-300s was destroyed by the Russian military. 

Quoted from other sources, Russia does not allow military equipment delivered by NATO capable nato allies to last long in Ukraine. 

A day earlier, Russian SU-34 fighter jets destroyed an arsenal and a fighter jet parking lot in Ukraine, the video was published by the Russian defense ministry.  In this regard, Russia is very serious about eradicating all military equipment sent by the NATO alliance. 

Previously, the US asked Turkey to send S-400s purchased from Russia to Ukraine, in exchange for Turkey getting U.S. F-35s, Turkey categorically refused to send its S-400s to Ukraine, this of course maintains good relations with Russia.

The S-300 air defense system is considered old, Russian fighter jets did not take long to destroy the S-300 in Ukraine.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that Russia at the beginning of the war had destroyed 38 S-300 air defense anti-aircraft missile systems and their radar stations.

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