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Bayraktar TB2 is considered quite successful in Ukraine. Really?

Hsmilitarycom: A number of videos circulated on social media related to the action of the Bayraktar TB2 drone in Ukraine. Are all the videos true of bayraktar attack?

A few weeks ago, circulated several videos of Ukraine's Bayraktar TB2 destroying Russian military tanks and convoys, In the video shows Bayraktar TB2 quite successfully destroying the convoy.

Bayraktar TB2 is considered quite successful in Ukraine. Really?

But as is often the case during escalating conflicts, it is difficult to distinguish between factual events and misinformation some video of drone strikes has been exposed as the latter.

Mauro Gilli, a senior researcher in military technology, said there was some video footage that allegedly showed the use of Bayraktar TB2. Of course, the information at this point is fragmented, and it needs to be taken carefully.

Given the chaotic events on the ground, it is almost impossible to judge how often and how successfully Ukraine has used Turkish drones so far.

A few years ago, Ukraine bought several units of Bayraktar TB2 from Turkish companies and signed an agreement for the production of tb2 in Ukraine, but, so far, production has not started.

We are talking about the success of Bayraktar TB2 in Ukraine, a few days ago the Russian defense ministry destroyed turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 in Ukraine.

Russian missiles easily knocked out ukrainian fighter jets as well as bayraktar TB2 unmanned vehicles. This is said bayraktar TB2 is not effective when facing the class of Russian military defense.

Russia's defense ministry said during a military operation in Ukraine russian missiles had destroyed 236 unmanned vehicles.

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