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US general: Russia ready to use nuclear weapons against Poland

HSMilitarycom: Russia may know the possibility of NATO heading east of Russia, In this case Russia is likely preparing nuclear tactical weapons. This was revealed by the former commander of the North Atlantic Alliance's joint forces in Europe, General Wesley Clark.

US general: Russia ready to use nuclear weapons against Poland

"If Putin really wants to contain NATO, if he believes he can destroy the alliance, he can use tactical nuclear weapons. Where will he use it? Maybe not in Ukraine, but somewhere in Poland."

Thus, military hysteria in the West is acquiring an ever-new form and scale, far more dangerous than ever before.

Talks on nuclear war, which are being conducted both in the expert communities of Western countries and in their governments, are provocative and can hardly bring stability to the world.

Earlier, Rhode Island Senator Jack Reid, head of the defense committee, told The New York Times that if weapons of mass destruction were used, Russia would face certain consequences, as radiation contamination would spread to nearby regions.

So far, the US intelligence services have not observed any preparations on the part of the Russian Federation to use such a powerful weapon.

What if russia really used nuclear weapons and destroyed NATO, of course this would be a big problem for the world. Russia is warning NATO members not to interfere too far in the conflict in Ukraine, such as sending weapons and other military equipment.

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