French fighter jets intercept Russian Tu-22M3, bitter experience for French pilots

HSMilitarycom: Fighters of the French Navy tried to intercept Russian Tu-22M3 tactical bombers that arrived in Syria.

A group of French fighters from the aviation wing of the French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle tried to provoke and intercept Russian Tu-22M3 long-range tactical bombers flying over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea with Kh-32 anti-ship cruise missiles.

French fighter jets intercept Russian Tu-22M3

However, the French pilots failed to intercept the Russian Tu-22M3 bombers, as the Russian Su-35S fighters covering them forced the French Navy aircraft to retreat a few kilometers away.

In the presented photographs, published by the French military, you can see the process of pursuit of Russian Tu-22M3 bombers by French Navy fighters. 

French fighter jets intercept Russian Tu-22M3

However, judging by the fact that the French aircraft planned to intercept, it was not possible to detect the presence of Russian Su-35S in a timely manner - the latter could fly with electronic warfare equipment turned on or hide behind tactical bombers.

French fighter jets intercept Russian Tu-22M3

In the process of approaching French aircraft to a group of Russian bombers, the  escort fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces were visually detected, and therefore France refused to further approach.

It should be noted that Russian bombers flew in international airspace.


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