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US sends MGM-140 ATACMS long-range missiles to Ukrainian military

It is known, Ukraine actively uses weapons supplied by the United States to Ukraine, this is like Himars and some other military equipment.

As reported by, recently Ukraine has just received a number of long-range missiles from the United States, namely the MGM-140 ATACMS Missile.

According to the source, Information on the delivery of long-range missiles to Ukraine was confirmed by the head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, according to which, so far, Ukraine has received only part of the missiles, however, this was done secretly, without an official announcement about the supply.

However, how many of those US MGM-140 missiles were sent to Ukraine is not known for certain, it is known that the missiles have a range of about 300 kilometers, this poses a very serious threat.

Pushilin did not specify which country the shipment was through, however, American military aircraft flew to neighboring Poland every day, carrying weapons and ammunition for the Ukrainian army.

To date, the Russian side has not confirmed the delivery of MGM-140 missiles to Ukraine. Long before, Russia had warned the west not to send such missiles to Ukraine.

The delivery of MGM-140 missiles and the delivery of various military purposes will only make things worse and prolong the conflick.

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