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Ukraine is running out of fighter pilots, cadet students are involved in military operations

The continuing military operations in Ukraine caused a large number of losses, in this case as reported by TASS, Ukraine ran out of their fighter jet pilots.

Military sources also said that the Ukrainians lost many fighter pilots during the course of combat missions against Russian forces.

The pilots who had the requirements set by the Ukrainian Air Force to fly the MiG-29, Su-27 and Su-25 aircraft, were declared to have been liquidated.

Some of the Ukrainian pilots were reportedly killed and also missing, while fighting against the Russian Air Force and air defense units.

Currently Ukraine has reportedly encouraged and involved the cadet students of the Kharkov Military Aviation Institute, The Ukrainian Air Force, which is still in the process of education.

Running out of planes, fuel, those cadets had no hope of completing their education. While the West only continued to promise to supply fighter aircraft.

These cadets are certainly no match for the Russian pilots and make them easy targets.

The deployment of cadets of the Kharkov Military Aviation Institute to perform combat missions led to heavy losses from the remnants of Ukrainian aviation.

Ukraine also failed to recruit paid pilots from Poland and other Eastern European countries capable of piloting Soviet MiG-29, Su-27 and Su-25 aircraft.

Some of them have died or ended up in hospital.

Sources say "No new person wants to get posthumous insurance and compensation for funeral services," he said.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, since the beginning of the military special operation, 264 aircraft and 145 helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been shot down .

The US plans to send afghan fighter trainer pilots to Ukraine.

They are the ones who fled after the Taliban took power in August 2021.

They are currently in training in California, which will then be sent through Poland to Ukraine.

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