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Ukraine asks US and Germany to deliver advanced tanks, Abrams tanks and German Leopard 2

What if the U.S. sent tanks as advanced as Abrams to Ukraine, would this really make the Ukrainians win the battle against Russia?

A few years ago, a Yemeni uprising equipped with Russian-made ATGM missiles once destroyed a tank as advanced as the US-made Abrams.

Then What about Ukraine if it operates tanks as advanced as Abrams and The Russian forces themselves control the ATGM missiles that have been upgraded in capability?

Some time ago, the Russian media said that, the self-propelled howitzer supplied by Germany to Ukraine was successfully destroyed and Russia also confiscated the Howitzer for study. This would be bad news if a tank as advanced as the Abrams also suffered the same fate as the German-made Howitzer.

However, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal wanted advanced U.S. and German-made tanks to deal with Russian forces.

Shmyhal also applied for Berlin to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Leopard 2 tanks to repel the Russians.

It mentioned that a change in philosophy was needed on arms shipments ahead of his visit to Berlin at the weekend. Meanwhile, to Washington, Kyiv expects that the US will supply the Abrams main battle tank.

To date, Berlin granted Ukraine's request to supply modern main battle tanks and armored fighting vehicles. However, so far no modern main battle tanks have been sent to Ukraine by other NATO member states.

The German government was initially reluctant to supply military supplies to Ukraine, but later sent self-propelled howitzers, anti-aircraft guns, and some missile launch systems to Kyiv.

Schmihal praised Berlin's decision to change its policy and now sends not only protective equipment such as helmets and bulletproof vests, but also modern and advanced weapons.

But he insisted that Ukrainian forces needed more weapons systems and vehicles as soon as possible.

On the request, so far the US has not responded to Ukraine's request for an Abrams tank.

But experts say that, it is unlikely that the US will send tanks as advanced as Abrams and also advanced fighter jets owned by the US.

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