Russia deploys the latest advanced tanks to the Ukrainian border. Is this the T-90M Proryy tank?

In the Belgorod region, locals reported the activity of the latest advanced tanks belonging to Russia adjacent to Ukraine.

This latest version of the T-90M breakthrough tank is quite actively used in the framework of the SVO, it is likely that the video footage was taken by the residents of the city of Valuyki and it is thought that the tank is heading to a special operation area.

According to the descriptions of residents of the Belgorod region, the T-90M tank "Proryy" was seen only 10 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

The T-9M Battle Tank "Proryy" heavy combat vehicle and showed extremely high efficiency, even NATO's advanced defense system is estimated to be unable to destroy it.

Reporting from On the frame of the presented video, you can see two T-90M tanks "Proryv", located only in the border area with Ukraine, and, perhaps, just heading towards the border to participate in the NWO and strengthen the Russian grouping, although there are no official statements on this.

A little earlier, video footage of the use of the Russian heavy tank T-90M "Proryv" on the territory of Ukraine appeared, which described the effective use of this heavy armored fighting vehicle against poorly protected tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mercenary fortresses.


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