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Russia's R-37M SU-35 missile can destroy targets from a distance of 300 meters

Hsmilitarycom: The SU-35 fighter jets commissioned in military operations in Ukraine are now refurbished with their latest missiles, the missiles are capable of destroying enemy fighter jets from a distance of 300 meters.

With that latest missile, the SU-35 fighter jet is capable of destroying enemy fighter jets before they are detected by radar. According to the "SINA" the missile capability of the Russian SU-35 fighter jet became the deadliest.

Reporting from Sina journalists said that, with the presence of Su-35 fighter jets, US technology is now behind and this allows SU-35 fighter jets to easily destroy United States fighter jets, not ruled out us F-16 fighter jets.

With the R-37M Missiles on Russian SU-57 fighter jets, NATO and western fighter jets will think thousands of times to fight directly in the air.

"At present, the missile that has been transferred to the US Army and has the most powerful performance and the farthest range is the AIM-120C air-to-air missile. However, its range is only a hundred kilometers, so in this area the United States lags behind Russia. word in the publication of the publication "Sina".

As it turned out, the Russian R-37M Missile attracted interest from Egypt, in particular, according to the publication Defense Arabia, Egypt will deeply regret it due to the fact that they have never obtained fighter jets from Russia, which will strengthen the power of superiority in the region even on Israeli aircraft.

Recently also rumored by some sources, Russian SU-35 fighter jets used by China, left the US Radar at a loss. In this regard, it is obvious that the US Radar could do nothing when the SU-35 fighter jets conducted air patrols, even conducting military operations.

Is the US not aware of the weaknesses of their fighter jets when compared to Russian fighter jets? Of course they knew it. That is why the US will not expose the weakness of their fighter jets in Ukraine.

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