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Israel sends AGM-88 anti-radar missiles to Ukrainian army?

Hsmilitarycom:  Known, The AGM-88 cruise missile is owned by two countries, Israel and the United States. However, in the territory of the kherson found fragments of anti-radar missiles. Did Israel start supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine?

Middle eastern media sources said that, the AGM-88 missile launcher complex really exists and isreal is the owner of the Missile. said, In the 70-80s, with the help of Israeli missile installations, the Israeli military was able to launch the AGM-78 anti-radar missile, but against the background of the replacement of the AGM-78 missile with the AGM-88 missile, the installation could be improved.

It is known, in 2018 an experimental launcher for missiles of this type created in the United States that the latter is designed for use both on land and at sea, and can be placed in conventional marine containers.

This fact suggests that the AGM-88 missile, whose fragments were found on the territory of the Kherson region, can be fired not only by aircraft, but also by ground installations.

At this time, there is no official comment regarding the AGM-88 missile attack, either from the allied forces or from Kyiv. However, the discovery of fragments of the AGM-88 missile in the kherson region made many people wonder, some of whom suspected that the United States was using the Missiles shot from the air, using fighter jets.

The allegations relate to the supply of advanced weapons from the United States to Ukraine and do not rule out the possibility that AGM-88 missiles will also be supplied to Ukraine.

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