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Why doesn't the United States supply F-35 stealth fighter jets to Ukraine?

Hsmilitarycom: Ukraine asked the US to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, But the United States has not given a decision regarding Ukraine's request.

If the US decides to supply F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, Is there a possibility that the United States is supplying F-35 stealth aircraft to ukraine?

A few months ago, a convoy of Russian armored vehicles was destroyed by a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone. The Turkish-made TB2 also destroyed the Russian army's "BUK" air defense system.

After the attack took place, the Russians shot down the Bayraktar TB2 drone and studied it.   For Russia it does not take long to understand the TB2.

On the territory of the donbas, Russia deployed a fairly tight air defense system, so the Bayraktar TB2 drone was very difficult to attack the region.

Recently, ukraine's Bayraktar TB2 drone was destroyed by Ukraine's air defense system. It is known that TB2 was attacked when it wanted to enter Russian airspace.

Earlier, Russia seized a German Howitzer sent to Ukraine ( allegedly one of the advanced weapons from Germany). This naturally made Germany worried and Germany would also think hard about updating the Howitzer system, after it was confiscated by the Russians.

However, Is it possible that stealth fighter jets or US F-16 fighter jets were supplied to Ukraine? 

If possible, NATO and US military defenses would become toothless lions, the decision greatly influenced the future of NATO and US military power.

It is highly unlikely that the US will meet Ukraine's demand for US F-16 fighter jets. If the US gives attack aircraft to Ukraine, it is likely that the Americans will supply old fighter jets, such as A-10 attack aircraft and the like.

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