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American warplanes will be an easy target in Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Ukraine Reportedly wants American warplanes to confront Russian and American forces are considering ukraine's request.

According to Sachs Tiwari, if Washington decides to take such a step, Russia will immediately eliminate the threat, writes "EurAsian Times.

“Pesawat militer yang ditawarkan oleh Amerika Serikat untuk Ukraina dapat menjadi mangsa empuk bagi rudal Rusia,” kata penulis publikasi tersebut.

The Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, General Charles C. Brown recently said that there are several fighters suitable for Ukraine. 

Among them, the Swedish Hawk-Lions or the French Rafale. White House press secretary John Kirby also addressed the issue, saying that the Biden administration is considering the possibility of delivering planes to Ukraine and that these steps will not be taken immediately.

"The announcement comes just as Ukraine is asking NATO countries to provide advanced tactical fighter jets to counter russia's powerful air force," a Eurasia Times columnist wrote.

Sachs Tiwari noted that the United States is considering providing Ukraine with an American A-10 Beard attack aircraft, which is quite old.

The aircraft was developed during the Cold War to counter Soviet tanks and has served in most american military operations for many years, from the Balkans to Afghanistan. 

Despite many doubts about the survivability of the A-10 on the modern battlefield, the Pentagon recently awarded a new contract for the production of this aircraft.

The A-10 was also doubted by the Ukrainian military. According to the Eurasia Times, Kyiv is very skeptical of the idea. 

The local military believes that the A-10 fighters will be a big problem, since they are very vulnerable to Russian air defense systems. 

Modern Russian Buk and MiG missile systems will easily shoot down the A-10. However, Ukraine wants an American F-16.

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