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Javelin missiles are capable of tearing down Russia's most advanced T-90 tanks

Hsmilitarycom: Recently, the Javelin Missile carried on the shoulders of the Ukrainian military has become the subject of much discussion. This US-made Javelin portable missile is considered capable of destroying Russia's T-90 advanced tanks.

Several videos have appeared on various social media and also on news sites reporting on the destruction of Russian T-90 Tanks with the US Javelin.

NATO countries and the west will continue to send military supplies to Ukraine. Allegedly, they were directly involved in helping ukrainians deal with Russian forces in Ukraine.

According to a senior U.S. official, Ukraine has received about 17,000 anti-tank guns from various Western countries, including several hundred Javelin launchers, and Washington on Saturday announced new military assistance worth a total of $200 million and including anti-tank weapons.

The Ukrainian army has also received thousands of other anti-tank guns, including the British NLAW, Swedish-made AT4 and Carl-Gustav, German Panzerfaust and Spanish Instalaza C90.

But the U.S.-made Javelin missile, which became the weapon of choice, to the point that memes circulating on social media turned it into a religious icon carried by Mary Magdalene, the saint of the Orthodox church's emblem.

Javelin missiles Equipped with two explosives and can penetrate the most advanced armored vehicles in the World, such as russian T-90 tanks.

The first hit javelin exploded when it came into contact with the tank, and then released a second more powerful charge, which penetrated the armor.

With its range reaching 2,500 meters, it can be used in direct attack mode to destroy the target, if fired upwards, it can shoot down a low-flying helicopter.

Lighter than other anti-tank systems, which require a tripod, the Javelin can be launched from the shoulder of a soldier.

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