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US military general David Vanherk says Russia's latest missile poses a threat to US

Hsmilitarycom: New types of weapons developed by Russia could pose a threat to the United States. This was stated before the US Congress on June 1 by the Pentagon's Northern Command General Commander Glen David Vanherk.

He reported on the deployment of weapons by China and Russia that threatened the United States and was "capable of attacking targets in the United States from multiple attack vectors and in all areas."

"They (China and Russia. – Ed.) is preparing for a potential crisis or conflict with the aim of limiting the decision-making space of our top leadership, putting critical national infrastructure at risk, disrupting and delaying our ability to project power from the motherland, and undermining our desire to intervene in regional crises," Vanherke said in The Washington Times.

The publication wrote that the general saw cyberattacks, information warfare and missile threats as a signal that the US Northern Command (Northcom) faced the most complex and strategically dynamic set of tasks in history, and Russia was the main threat, the ability to resist which the US army had weakened.

On May 30, Professor Andrew Futter, in an interview with the Daily Express newspaper, acknowledged the inability of the British army to intercept Russian Kinzhal missiles.

According to him , the lack of British defensive weapons made the country "very vulnerable and defenseless on the battlefield. strike events."

On March 22, US President Joe Biden recognized the invulnerability of this Russian weapon. He noted that the "Dagger" was almost unstoppable.

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