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The US M777 howitzer gun in Ukraine was destroyed near Lisichansk

Hsmilitarycom: A photo shared on social media shows the US M777 Howitzer gun in Ukraine being destroyed by the Russian army in the Lysichansk region.

As is known, as a result of the explosion of ammunition in the pit, the M777 Howitzer cannon was thrown several tens of meters.

In the presented photo, you can see the barrel disconnected from the M777 field howitzer. Judging by the damage received, the howitzer was destroyed precisely by the explosion of ammunition inside the barrel. 

However, at the moment it is still unknown whether this occurred as a result of the spontaneous explosion of 155 mm of ammunition during the shelling, or as a result of the attack of the Russian military and the troops of the LPR and DPR.

To date, this is the first documented evidence of the disappearance of the US M777 field howitzer, which was transferred to the US Armed Forces for service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In some cases during Russian military operations in Ukraine, almost all weapons and also fighter jets of NATO, western assistance did not last long. According to experts say, no matter how advanced the weapons will be sent to Ukraine, Russia could easily destroy them.

Russia has repeatedly said weapons supplied to Ukraine are legitimate targets, not even having time to be used.

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