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NATO deploys 30 fighter jets of various types to patrol Russian borders

Hsmilitarycom: The Western defense alliance, NATO, said it had sent 30 fighter jets to conduct patrols in several NATO member states bordering Russia.

The move comes as relations between the west and Moscow heat up further due to Russian attacks on Ukraine.

In a statement, NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu said since Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, the NATO alliance has deployed fighter jets to patrol several countries. Such as Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, to Bulgaria.

"Spanish jets guard Lithuanian airspace and French reconnaissance aircraft scan the sky while United States bomber aircraft train with allied air forces."

"To prevent potential aggression against allies, NATO deployed unprecedented types of fighter jets, reconnaissance aircraft and support aircraft."

The patrol comes as some NATO countries bordering Russia fear that Russia's attack on Ukraine might extend to its territory. Moreover, Russia conducted a massive military operation to keep Kyiv from following the defense pact.

Meanwhile, some NATO members also contributed arms assistance to Ukraine, which is currently in a Russian attack. Various types of weapons were given to Ukraine ranging from rocket launchers to a fleet of combat vehicles.

Russia responded to the maneuvers of these NATO fighter jets with a cold attitude. Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that it would attack new targets if the West continued to supply long-range missiles to Ukraine.

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