Due to the negligence of the Ukrainian troops, Russian fighter jets destroyed their S-300

Hsmilitarycom: During the latest UAF attack on Zmeiny Island, the Ukrainian military also pursued other targets, trying to lure Russian fighter jets into the zone of destruction of their long-range air defense systems. 

Due to the fact that the latter were completely on the water, the probability of their defeat would be maximum, however, apparently, the military plans of Ukraine failed due to negligence committed among the commands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As is known, during the attack on Zmeiny Island, the Ukrainian military activated their S-300 air defense system near the coast.

As is well known, they should have trapped Russian fighter jets to get into the target territory of Ukraine's S-300, however, Russian fighter jets first destroyed them and the S-300 air defense system. 

The Ukrainian military made a serious mistake by activating the S-300 complex in advance, so Russian fighter jets identified and destroyed them with long-range anti-radar missiles.

"Russian Air Force aviation destroyed two launchers of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system in the Ochakov and Tuzla regions of the Odessa region ," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a briefing.

No matter how sophisticated the military equipment sent to the Ukrainian armed forces will become scrap iron because of their negligence.


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