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Using ukrainian engines, Turkey's latest drone restricted Russia

Hsmilitarycom: The Bayraktar TB2 unmanned vehicle made by Turkish company Baykar has been assisting Ukraine in countering the Russian invasion. Now, a new generation of Turkish drones has been exhibited and uses engines from Ukraine.

Using ukrainian engines, Turkey's latest drone restricted Russia

Baykar showed off his latest combat drone, called Kizilelma, another language that is red apple. The drone uses jet power and is designed to take off and land on the Turkish amphibious ship TGC Anadolu.

Previously, Baykar signed a contract with Ivchenko Progress, a Ukrainian company to provide engines for the latest drone.

"With this new contract, we will use the engine, which is produced by Ivchenko Progress and Motor Sich. I hope this agreement will continue strategic cooperation between the two countries," CEO Baykar said.

This designed drone, supplied with an engine called AI-322F Turbofan. The drone can fly very high with a maximum load of 5,500 kilograms. The flight duration is about 5 hours at a speed of 800 km per hour.

The use of this Ukrainian machine can have a bad impact because Russia may want to limit its sales and technology. Then there is the possibility that the unmanned vehicle is less desirable.

"Russia sees in particular the Bayraktar drone as a highly competitive weapon, not only in its area but also in the global aerial device market. Russia is worried bayraktar is being used in areas of the former Soviet Union, Central Asia and now Ukraine," said Samuel Bennet, an analyst with Naval Analyses.

"If Russia wants to use all its power in negotiations, it is very likely that they want to limit military cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey and minimize Turkey's advantage in this drone technology."

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