Ukraine's S-300 air defense system destroyed by Russian military

Hsmilitarycom: A video has emerged showing the storage site of ukraine's S-300 air defense system being destroyed by a high-precision missile.

Another source said, Although there are a large number of S-300 air defense systems in Ukraine, the latter showed total failure as a result of a strong attack, thus causing the instant loss of several divisions of this air defense system.

The video was filmed using an unmanned vehicle showing a number of Ukrainian S-300s and armored vehicles being destroyed.

Hypothetically, such an area should be able to defeat even a powerful attack, however, perhaps because it was unprofessional or for the use of modern weapons, it was completely and instantaneously destroyed.

The fact that the attack was very accurate. This is evidenced by exclusive direct attacks on radar stations, mobile launchers, transport loading vehicles, and storage sites for anti-aircraft missiles.

Regarding the location of the destruction of the Russian S-300 is still being identified, it is not yet known where the S-300 was destroyed.


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