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Turkey will not send its military to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Previously, the issue of several sources who said that Turkey will send a number of its military to Ukraine, this is considered to petrify the ukrainian forces against Russia.

Turkey will not send its military to Ukraine

The head of turkey's foreign ministry, Mevlut Cavusoglu, issued a strongly worded statement denying reports that Turkey, as a separate country or as a NATO member, intended to send its troops to Ukraine.

"Ukraine wants security guarantees. The comment that Turkey would enter the war and send troops is not true. It is necessary to see the approval of both parties. After knowing the conditions, a decision was taken whether to receive bail or not," Cavusoglu said.

Even previously given by some sources, the Turkish military is in Ukraine to control the Bayraktar TB2 drone, however, Ankara denies the issue, Turkey says their military does not interfere in Ukraine. 

Turkey insists that, it will abide by neutrality, Ankara is not interested in worsening relations with Russia and Ukraine, with respect to which Ankara actively promotes the negotiation process between Kiev and Moscow.

Relations between Turkey and Russia are considered very good, It is very unlikely that Turkey interfered in the conflict in Ukraine Russia. Previously Turkey also confirmed that it was related to Bayraktar TB2. The delivery of Bayraktar TB2 to Ukraine had nothing to do with the Turkish government, it was purely a business matter between a Turkish company and a Ukrainian. 

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