Russian SU-25 fighter jet destroys Ukrainian armored vehicle

HSMilitarycom: Before the damage occurred, Russian Su-25 fighter jets had destroyed Ukrainian armored vehicles, this information was conveyed by the news agency Avia Pro.

Captain Sergei Cherny, who piloted the Su-25, was able to destroy 5 Ukrainian armored vehicles, before making an emergency landing.

Russian SU-25 fighter jet destroys Ukrainian armored vehicle

“The head of the tactical training and aerial fire of the mixed aviation regiment, Captain Sergei Cherny, who flies the Su-25 attack aircraft, found the convoy moving with enemy military equipment. A fire opened on the plane, it was damaged, but Sergei managed to destroy five units of armored and automotive vehicles. Despite the damage to the plane, the captain was able to land it at the air base," the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

The location of the incident is not specified, however, quite a unique case has been reported during the Russian military special operations in Donbass.

Previously, it was reported by the Ukrainian military and videos circulating on various social media that the Bayraktar TB2 drone, which the Ukrainian military had just received from a Turkish company, had successfully destroyed a Russian armored vehicle.


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