The Mi-24 helicopter was shot down near Kherson. Ukrainian Russian hight Tensions

HSMilitarycom: As a result of an accurate hit by an anti-aircraft guided missile from the Stinger MANPADS, a Mi-24 helicopter was shot down in the Kherson region. 

This is evidenced by the published video footage, in which you can see how the flaming rotorcraft is trying to escape from further shelling. As it became known, the helicopter subsequently crashed - the crew died.

On the presented video frames, you can see that there are several combat rotorcraft in the sky, however, one of them was hit, according to the authors of the video, from the Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile system, probably one of those that were put into service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine NATO countries.

It has not yet been possible to establish exactly how many people were on board the downed helicopter, since the modification of the destroyed helicopter remains unknown.

It was not possible to visually establish the identity of the rotorcraft shot down from the Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile system. 

At the same time, according to the report of the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Igor Konashenkov, for three days of a special military operation in the Donbass, the Russian side has no losses.


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