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MiG-31K fighter jet lifted into the air making kyiv panic

As we know, the Russian-made MiG-31K fighter jet Capable of carrying the Kinzhal aerobalistic hypersonic missile, The missile is capable of ravaging the city in a short time.

It is known that the MiG-31K fighter jet took off from Belarus airfield accompanied by flying radar, causing panic for Kyiv.

In addition, the A-50U aircraft, which is an early warning and control aircraft, also flew with MiG-31K fighter jets equipped with kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

After the two aircraft were in the air, in some regions of Ukraine issued an air warning, this indicates that there is a possibility of MiG-31K fighter jets performing combat missions in the region.

The panic from the Ukrainian side is not without reason, because the MiG-31K fighter jet Capable of firing hypersonic missiles from a distance of 2000 kilometers, of course, the Kyiv airship radar is not able to perfectly detect the presence of MiG-31K fighter jets.

However, until this news was published there was no attack whatsoever. It is estimated that around 2:10 p.m. MiG-31K fighter jets had landed at Machulichi airfield.

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