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Detected by Russian air defense system Ukrainian drone destroyed

Ukrainian drones tried to knock out Belbek airfield using drones. However, the plan failed miserably because it had been detected by Russian air defense systems.

In addition to the belbek airfield, Ukrainian drones also tried to knock out the airfield in the kursk region and this also failed miserably due to the impact of the Russian air defense system.

Reporting from, All attacks carried out by Ukrainian drones against airfields failed miserably and this ended in losses on the Ukrainian side.

The source also said that, Ukraine deployed several units of drones to attack Ukrainian airfields, all such unmanned aircraft were useless when facing Russia's advanced air defense systems.

It is known that Ukraine carried out four attacks on Russian airfields within one day.

At the same time, despite the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to take advantage of the shock effect by launching drones almost simultaneously, no serious consequences could be avoided. 

On the attack, there has been no official comment from the Russian defense department.

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