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America will supply advanced air defense systems to Ukraine. this is a stern warning to Russia?

The supply of the US Patriot air defense system to Ukraine will take place in February. This is of course to defend Ukraine from being hit by missiles of Russian fighter jets.

Previously, batteries for such air defense systems had been supplied to Ukraine by the US. It is estimated that Ukraine is currently in dire need of an air defense system capable of deterring Russian fighter jets, which at the moment it is estimated that Russian fighter jets have been equipped with modern systems.

Can the U.S. air defense system properly help Ukraine's air defense? As we know, many air defense systems from NATO supplied to Ukraine ended in ruin and encountered various problems while in real combat.

Not only the US, Germany will also supply advanced air defense systems to ukraine. Ukraine will receive 18 units of air defense systems at the beginning of this year.

The constant supply of arms by the west and NATO will of course prolong the duration of russia's Ukrainian conflict and there will never be peace. Who is profitable in this conflict? Why does this war never end?

If the conflict between Russian measures continues what is the fate of Ukraine's debt to the west? Of course, the supply of various weapons and military needs is not free, Ukraine has to spend a lot of money on it.

Is Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky unaware of that? As happened in Iraq and middle eastern countries. No one cares about the fate of the people due to the protracted war. 

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