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Tu-160M2 bombers will monitor arms shipments from outside to Ukraine?

Reportedly, the US will supply ATACMS and ER-GMLRS missiles to Ukraine. Russia considers the supply of such weapons to be a deliberate escalation.

According to some sources said that, Russia will take seriously the US decision and reportedly Russia will deploy bombers to thwart it.

However, it was not made clear what kind of bomber aircraft would be deployed to thwart U.S. arms supplies. We are talking the latest bomber tu-160M2.

The Tu-160M2 strategic bomber had an almost identical design to its predecessor, the Soviet-owned Tu-160. However, the Tu-160M2 version is equipped with a main gun carrier slot as well as avionics upgrades.

The Tu-160M2 was successfully tested for the first time in January 2018. The TU-160M2 Bomber aircraft had the same on-board communication suite as the fifth-generation air superiority fighter of the Russian Su-56.

What's even more interesting is that the TU-160M2 can carry 40 tons of missiles and amazingly has nuclear deterrent weapons. This aircraft is 1 of the 10 Tu-160M2 units prepared.

Basically, the Tu-160M2 was a prototype of the next generation variant of the Blackjack and represented the great efforts that Russia made to modernize its bomber fleet.

Will Russia deploy the Tu-160M2 bomber preventing the supply of advanced weapons from the US to Ukraine?

Earlier information circulated that the Ukrainian Air Force would receive AGM-84 missiles with a range of up to 260-280 kilometers.

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