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The Russian SU-35 fighter jet is capable of destroying stealth targets. Is it the most advanced radar?

As we know, the Russian SU-35 fighter jet is currently very actively conducting real battles in Ukraine and the SU-35 is claimed to be the most successful fighter jet after the Russian SU-57 and SU-25.

Some sources Say that, the SU-35 fighter jet was already equipped with an advanced radar capable of detecting the presence of stealth targets. Is the radar capability of the Russian SU-35 capable of detecting the F-35 and f-22 Raptor?

Let's talk a little about the SU-35 radar. The Su-35 has an infrared tracking system that has been used by the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

The Soviet Union used such systems when introducing the MiG-29 and Su-27. As a derivative of the Su-27, the Su-35 inherited this ability and significantly improved it.

Since entering the Russian military service the SU-35 fighter jet has earned a very good reputation as a 4++ generation fighter jet.

The title is well optimized to engage the fifth-generation stealth aircraft. Where its sensor capabilities have become widely known.

In this case it includes the Irbis-E radar, which is reportedly able to track very low stealth targets up to 90 km away. The radar makes the enemy's stealth fighter jets feel uncomfortable when dealing with SU-35 fighter jets.

This does not include the advanced technologies possessed by the fifth-generation fighter jet of Russia, namely the SU-57. Experts say Russia does not need to deploy SU-57 fighter jets to repel stealth fighter jets. 

To make the enemy's stealth fighter jets fearful, Russia simply deployed SU-35 fighter jets that have been equipped with advanced radars.

As is the case with twin AESA Radars mounted on the roots of its wings operating in the X band where stealth capabilities are less effective.

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