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The latest version of the SU-57 uses the most advanced optoelectronic and missile systems

Russia will continue to update the systems and missiles of the SU-57 fighter jet. Is it because this SU-57 fighter jet still has many shortcomings? Of course not because of it.

Some sources say that, Russia has conducted the first test flight of the modernized Su-57 fighter jet, it is known that the latest version of the SU-57 is more advanced compared to the previous version.

The SU-57 fighter jet was created on the basis of the prototype T-50-11, which had previously been tested. The su-57 fighter jet is currently equipped with a first-stage engine, however, it is very likely that the second-stage engine will receive the final version.

In addition, the SU-57 fighter jet also received a new optoelectronic complex 101KS "Atoll", as evidenced by the presence of an element emphasizing its presence, one of the elements was visible near the cockpit, and among other things, sensors were located in other elements of the fighter.

According to experts, the latest missile used on the SU-57 fighter jet was previously tested in 2019, which will almost certainly be the main type of weapon for the SU-57, According to the UAC, the SU-57 fighter jet has a complex of on-board equipment with advanced functionality, intelligent crew. support and the possibility of using various nomenclature of new types of weapons.

Some analysts say that, the latest version of the SU-57 fighter jet, The most advanced generation stealth fighter jet when compared to other stealth fighter jets.

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