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Su-57 fighter jets are equipped with missiles capable of destroying stealth targets

Russian fifth-generation fighter jets are considered successful in Syria and Ukraine. As we know, some time ago Russia had deployed the SU-57 to Ukraine.

Recently, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said they had successfully conducted tests of a near- to medium-range air-to-air missile, which would be paired on a Su-57 fighter jet.

The missile is considered capable of destroying stealth targets. It is expected that this year the missile will begin to be used on SU-57 fighter jets.

Short- to medium-range air-to-air missiles have been engineered by the Vympel Design Bureau, designed to complement the Su-57 platform and other aircraft carriers, Minister Shoigu said.

Known, the air-to-air missile for the Su-57 was inaugurated at the opening ceremony of the upgraded production facility of the Machine-Building Design Bureau. The name of the item and its performance characteristics to date have not been disclosed.

Earlier, senior Russian Air Force pilot Major General Vladimir said, the nozzle or 'muzzle' on the S-70 Okhotnik drone would be installed on the Su-57 modification, to improve its stealth capabilities.

The Su-57 fighter jet is a Russian-made fifth-generation multi-role fighter designed to destroy all kinds of air, land and sea targets.

The Su-57 fighter jet is able to develop a supersonic cruising speed, has an armament placed inside the fuselage and the most advanced layer of radar absorbent and onboard radio-electronic equipment.

The Russian Air Force will receive 22 Su-57 fighters by the end of 2024 and their number will increase to 76 by 2028. The first Su-57 fighter was delivered to the Russian troops in 2020.

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