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Russian SU-25 fighter jet crashed, pilot declared safe

A video published in the telegram shows a unit of a Russian SU-25 fighter jet crashing and in the video the pilot manages to get out of the plane.

From the video we can see that the pilot of the SU-25 fighter jet survived. Where exactly the location of the incident is not yet known.

However, some sources say that the Russian SU-25 fighter jet was hit by a missile, what type of missile or air defense system was used is not yet known for certain.

Another source said, the SU-25 fighter jet crashed due to a technical failure not because it was hit by a missile or a type of Ukrainian air defense system.

Experts say the reaction of the pilot when he saved himself deserves appreciation. Avia sources said that the pilot had saved himself several times when the conditions of the fighter jets were not possible.

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