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Russian air defense system destroys targeted SU-24 fighter jets

A video published in the telegram showed a unit of Ukrainian SU-24 fighter jets suffering an unkind fate.

Quoted from Avia, an SU-24 fighter jet belonging to the Ukrainian air force was shot down using a Russian air defense system. 

According to eyewitnesses, manpads said Russia had taken over to cripple a Ukrainian SU-24 fighter jet that was conducting a combat mission in a real battle zone.

In the video we can witness a fire that occurred on an SU-24 fighter jet. When there was a fire in the air the pilot tried to control it but the attempt was unsuccessful, so the SU-24 fighter jet crashed.

However, the exact where the incident occurred is not yet known for certain. Experts say that, ukrainian fighter jets are considered to be wary of Russia's increasingly sophisticated air defense systems. The supersonic SU-24 fighter jet can be easily crippled by the Russian air defense system.

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