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Old TU-95MS Monster equipped with KH-101 missiles terrified NATO

Tupolev Tu-95 Bear, in fact, is the monster most feared by NATO and the United States because of the capabilities it has.

To this day Russia still operates three bomber aircraft that have their own advantages, one of which is the Tu-95MS.

This Soviet-era aircraft sounds very old. However, with the modernization carried out by Russia, the Tu-95MS was never eaten by age.

The Tu-95 has four Kuznetsov NK-12 engines that the Kuznetsov Design Bureau developed with a rotating counter propeller and is able to fly for 10 hours at a speed of 920 km per hour.

The Tu-95MS is capable of carrying 14 Kh-SD anti-ship missiles with a range of 600 km or eight Kh-101 air-launch cruise missiles with conventional warheads that have a range of up to 3000 km.

The rear gun compartment of the Tu-95MS is equipped with a double-barreled GSh-23L cannon. The aircraft has weather radar, navigation and bombardment radar, as well as gun fire control radar.

Was the Tu-95MS bomber ever Deployed in real combat in Ukraine? Until now maybe we haven't seen even heard of it.

But please note regarding the destruction of various cities in Ukraine, we are talking about this new kyiv city attack.

Some sources say that, the city of Kyiv was hit using a long-range cruise missile KH-101, so it is not Necessary to enter into the target's airspace to destroy it.

The missile has a length of 7.54 m and a diameter of 0.51 m. The launch weight of the Kh-101 reaches 2.3 tons. Each TU-90MS bomber is capable of carrying six KH-101 cruise missiles. 

What is even more interesting is that this KH-101 Missile is not detected by enemy radar, so it easily destroys the target. The Kh-101 corrects the flight path through the GLONASS satellite navigation system along with the Inertial Navigation System.

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