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Ivan Golubets sea minesweeper hit by Ukrainian drone

In the Crimean region Ukrainian drones destroyed the sea minesweeper Golubets. In a video published by Avia pro, it shows a number of drones an estimated 16 drones hitting the Russian ship.

An estimated nine unmanned aircraft and seven autonomous maritime drones. According to official data, the attack was completely repelled, but the barrier of the boom net in yuzhnaya Bay and the minesweeper ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy "Ivan Golubets" were damaged.

It is estimated that the damage suffered by this minesweeper ship was not too severe, even if it was hit from various directions by Ukrainian drones, the ship could still be damaged. The condition of the crew could not be ascertained until this news was published.

At the same time several Ukrainian drones were successfully destroyed by the Russians, so several other drones survived.

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