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Czechs raised funds to buy a number of T-72 tanks for the Ukrainian army

To date there is no sign of going down the path of peace between Russia and Ukraine, thus causing much harm from both sides.

It is known that the Czech Republic is conducting a fundraiser to purchase a number of T-72 Avenger tanks that have been equipped with advanced systems.

The fundraising campaign was spearheaded by representatives of the project "A Gift for Putin" in September after the organizers with the Ministry of Military and Defense of Ukraine, according to the organizations involved in the campaign.

From the proceeds of the fundraising, The total money was collected amounting to 1.22 million euros. In addition to buying T-72 tanks part of the money will also be given to the Ukrainian army.

The T-72 Avenger was the result of a comprehensive Soviet T-72 tank upgrade by the Czechs. The tanks are upgraded with devices that improve the combat capability, comfort and efficiency of tank use and improve crew safety, wrote.

The modern vision system on these tanks ensures the detection of objects of dark conditions at a distance of up to 4 km. The T-72 tank has dynamic protection in the form of hinged containers on the hull and turret.

In addition, the T-72 Tank is equipped with modern internal radio and communication stations that increase resistance to radio-electronic interference by the enemy.

The T-72 Avenger is equipped with a GPS module for displaying data navigation and transmitting its coordinates. However, will the sophistication of such T-72 tanks be affective to the face of Russian missiles?

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