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A number of Howitzers pzh 2000 and MARS II MLRS were again supplied to Ukraine

Previously, Germany had also sent a number of Himars and pzh 2000 to Ukraine in considerable quantities. But As a result of Russia's onslaught, Ukraine must be willing to lose it all.

Some sources say that, Germany again sent a number of Himars and pzh 2000 to Ukraine. Will this last? 

A few days ago, Russia expanded its military operations even as far as Kyiv. Experts say that all military equipment supplied by NATO, Germany in particular will not last long.

Himar or Mars-II is a modified multi-rocket launcher system developed by three countries namely Germany, Italy, and France aimed at strengthening the Mlrs 270 made in the United States.

According to a statement from the company of its manufacture in Germany, KMW, this Mars-II is capable of firing up to 12 missiles per minute with a range of more than 70 kilometers. Not only that, the missile launcher system can be guided using GPS or mine-throwing missiles.

Then what about Pzh-2000?. This howitzer can move automatically, the Panzerhaubitze 2000, was the first heavy weapon sent by germany to Ukraine.

The Panzerhaubitze 2000 was the most advanced artillery weapon in German military supplies. This howitzer can hit targets located up to 40 kilometers or 25 miles away.

Earlier, the Russian defense department announced on August 13 that the Russian military destroyed the Himars system and the ammunition arsenal of the rocket launcher. 

It happened in the area near the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. As a result of the attack on the ammunition warehouse and Himars sent by the Germans, Ukraine suffered a lot of losses.

And Recently, as we saw in the circulating video, the Germans again sent a number of Himars rocket launchers and pzh 2000 to Ukraine. This is what led experts to argue and say that it will not last long in Ukraine, even before the weapon is used by the Ukrainian military.

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