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Why did the US want to study the Russian T-90 Tank, how great was the tank?

Avia sources said that, the US was interested in the Russian-made T-90 tank, The source said that the United States would seize the T-90 tank for study.

As we know, there are several units of T-90 tanks that have been deployed to Ukraine to carry out real combat missions and it is considered that such T-90 tanks are very effective.

Due to the sophistication of the T-90 tank, the US is considered interested in studying it. Of course, it is not easy to seize the tank from the Russian army. Is this because of the unique technology of the T-90 tank?

However, some sources say Russia has directed T-90 tanks in large numbers. The T-90 tank is considered capable of dismissing the attack of the Us-made Javelin missile.

As we know, there are many videos of T-90 tanks fighting in real battles in Ukraine, but there are almost no videos that show the T-90 tanks not hitting them when hit by Javelin missiles.

Experts say, the US is unlikely to be able to seize the tank from the Russian army and certainly the US does not have the opportunity to study the modern T-90 Prorvy tank.

The T-90 Prorvy tank is estimated to be almost impossible to destroy using Javelin anti-tank missiles or other Ukrainian anti-tank missiles.

Regarding the US desire to study the T-90 tank system, there is no official statement from the US or representing it, this is the view or opinion of experts.

Is it true that this T-90 tank is the most advanced tank in the world, what about the Abrams tank and the German-made leopard 2 tank?

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