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VIDEOS: MANPADS anti-aircraft missile destroys SU-25 fighter jet

In the area of the Settlement of Volkhov Yar reportedly the anti-aircraft system MANPADS shot down a unit of SU-25 fighter jets.

A pair of SU-25 fighter jets flying very low, estimated at only 20 meters from ground level were destroyed using an anti-aircraft system.

Until this news is published, it is estimated that the pilot is unlikely to survive and you can see it in the video footage recorded by the locals.

If we observe the video, the SU-25 fighter jet flies at high speed and is only 20 meters away from the ground level.

Until now, there has been no official statement regarding the ownership of the SU-25 fighter jet that was shot down.

However, some sources cited from eyewitnesses estimated it was a Russian SU-25 fighter jet that was conducting a military operation.

Regarding the allegations, the Russian defense department has not provided an official statement. A few days ago, the Russian SU-25 fighter jet Very vigorously carried out its actions in Ukraine, and this is what made eyewitnesses estimate it was an SU-25 fighter jet Belonging to the Russian air force.

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