The Belarusian MiG-24 fighter jet has been equipped with nuclear weapons, this is the most frightening modification

President Alexander Lukashenko said Belarus' military SU-24 fighter jets had been modified to carry nuclear weapons, and that Minsk would react immediately if the West caused trouble.

Lukashenko said he had agreed to a move to modernize Belarus' MiG-24 fighter jets with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to belta news agency.

The authoritarian leader of belarus, the former Soviet, has allowed Russia to use Belarus territory to launch an offensive against Ukraine.

In his confession, it did not elaborate on how the transfer of arms from Moscow might occur.

But on the same occasion he alluded to potential future threats from Poland's neighbor, a NATO member.

He said he was confident that the Polish military, unlike Warsaw politicians, understood how Minsk could respond to what he called "any escalation".

His statement as a whole seems to refer to potential threats from the West in general.

"They (the West) have to understand that if they choose escalation, no helicopter or plane will save them," the man who has led Belarus since 1994 said as reported by Al Jazeera.

He further said, all the work on modifying belarus' MiG-24 fighter jets to carry nuclear weapons is ready.

The modification of the MiG-24 fighter jet using nuclear weapons is not just an idea, but the fighter jet is ready for use if the west and NATO make trouble.


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